Missing Destiny‘s loot cave? We’ve got the PC simulator for you! No, seriously. Check out Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator, below: https://youtu.be/__RLhIfXkBo You can play Interactive Cave Shooting Simulator here.

Preview: Tri

Tri plays not unlike Portal in some regards, but replaces a portal gun with the ability to make triangles in the world. While it may sound a little basic, it’s actually quite complex. Each triangle must have its three corners anchored to

MCV UK reports that the Xbox One outsold the PS4 last week in the region, citing retail sources. The report continues that hardware sales for the Xbox One have climbed 155% week-on-week, compared to the PS4 at 80%. It’s assumed

Capcom recently took to the stage at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference (CEDEC) in Tokyo to show off tech footage from upcoming dungeon crawler Deep Down. The videos show some truly gorgeous lighting, water and fur effects in addition to movement and

My history with the Stronghold franchise is exactly as long as my playtime in Crusader II. I am a giant, clumsy noob, and unfortunately Crusader II does absolutely nothing to rectify the situation. It’s incredibly disappointing because I want to

The official soundtrack for Destiny is now available to purchase in full on iTunes. The soundtrack costs $16.99 AUD on the Australian iTunes while it’s only $9.99 USD in North America. The album contains 44 tracks credited to Michael Salvatori, C Paul

While we still wait patiently for Super Smash Bros. on 3DS (and then later on Wii U) those lucky enough to have a Japanese version have been playing it and discovering all manner of characters, mechanics and even glitches. The latter is

Foxtel and Microsoft today announced that Foxtel Play is heading to Xbox One “in the coming months”. Ed Smith, Foxtel’s Executive Director of Sales and Marketing, said, “Foxtel and Xbox are synonymous with brilliant entertainment. Our shared history of filling

Bungie has taken to their forums to comment on reports on-disc content has leaked details of Destiny‘s first two expansions. “We noticed that you noticed that we already have plans for upcoming content packs in Destiny,” Community Manager Deej said.

Lizard Squad, the hacker group who claimed responsibility for recent DDoS attacks against Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network, has today claimed responsibility for doing the same on Destiny and Call of Duty PlayStation servers. The group announced this via Twitter: Bungie has

Ubisoft today released a new video detailing customisation and co-op in Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Are those two items mutually exclusive? They seem to make strange bedfellows to us. At any rate, check out the trailer below: https://youtu.be/-r-tvD8ZGWo Assassin’s Creed: Unity arrives

Bethesda today announced that Battlecry will be playable at this year’s PAX AUS. The ability to play the title comes ahead of its beta in 2015. BattleCry Studios developers will also be on hand to host a panel called, “Battlecry: Welcome to the

Far Cry 4‘s antagonist, Pagan Min, wears a pink suit, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take him as a serious threat. Ubisoft today released a new video that goes in-depth on the character, alongside a short little bio. https://youtu.be/DIRV1L9Y1lY

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments is hitting consoles and PC next Thursday 2 October. To celebrate, Frogwares and Focus Home Interactive have released a launch trailer. Take a look. https://youtu.be/Jxg63glrvxY Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments will be available for PC,

Sooner or later we’ll run out of news about Destiny. For better or worse though, for now it just keeps coming. Bungie has advised that current event The Queen’s Wrath will continue until 6 October as will the Salvage weekend

Kickbeat: Special Edition is much more about the beat than the kick, wrapping a bombastic layer of kung fu and nu metal around a simple rhythm game. It most certainly is not a fighting game; its combat is just window