Albert Wesker’s mocap actor teases new Resident Evil project, return to the franchise

Ken Lally, the motion cap (mocap) actor for Resident Evil's Albert Wesker, took to Twitter over the weekend to tease an upcoming project for the franchise.

Lally was pictured a full mocap suit alongside Reuben Langdon, who provides mocap for Resident Evil's Chris Redfield. The image was also posted with a #ResidentEvil hashtag.

The tweet has since been removed from Lally's account, but we have a screencap of it, below:


It's unclear if this new Resident Evil project will be a direct sequel to Resident Evil 6, or a rumoured reboot of the franchise. Lally's character of Wesker apparently met his end during Resident Evil 5, although Wesker himself appears to have been cloned many times over.

What would you like to see in the next Resident Evil game?

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    Resident Evil has gone downhill ever since they removed Albert Wesker so it’s a no brainer bringing him back if they do it right. He has to be scarred, disfigured from the last fight and more powerful. Was foolish of Capcom to remove Wesker in the first place. Resident Evil 5 was one the most disappointing endings in any video game ever. They changed his character completely.

    If you want to kill Wesker off properly, it has to be BIG. That means everyone vs Wesker. Many good guys die. Capcom rushed his death. They killed him off like they do with all their other typical final bosses. For a guy who appeared more than any other character in a game, they did it completely wrong. Follow what Metal Gear Solid did. They did correctly.

    This maybe their last chance to save the series before a reboot or complete downgrade making the game simple again has to be done.