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Looking for something?

You probably were looking for something here.

We were given information that apparently was under embargo, though that embargo date was not communicated until after we’d posted the news.

Speaking to our sources, we’ve decided that community and goodwill are more important than taking advantage of an unfortunate situation purely to break a story.

Hold tight — there are other ways to get that information now, anyways — we’ll have the story up at 1.00 am, 25 February.

We hope you understand our decision to play nicely within the Australian industry.

Update: Under allegations by Eurogamer that I “misread the Microsoft’s [sic] embargo for [the news] and posted it too early,” I would like to elaborate on the timeline of our original post.

  • 17.52 pm AEDST: We received an email from a Microsoft representative with news that will be detailed later in the evening.
  • 17.59 pm AEDST: We posted an article detailing the news that had been sent by Microsoft. We began the N4G article approval process at this time.
  • 18.00 pm AEDST: The Microsoft representative sent an email recall notice without any further detail.
  • 18.04 AEDST: The Microsoft representative sent a new email explaining the email at 17.52 pm AEDST was actually under embargo until 1.00 am AEDST 25 February.
  • 18.10 pm AEDST: We engaged in a telephone call with the Microsoft representative about situation and decided to retract the article as detailed above. We also deleted the N4G entry.

Any questions?

Update 2: Tom Phillips of Eurogamer says he’s in the process of editing his story. We appreciate it!

Update 3: Read this.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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