Rumour: Halo 3 and Halo 4 also being ported to Xbox One

It doesn't stop today, people!

NeoGAF user ntkrnl is also claiming that Halo 3 and Halo 4 will both be getting ported over to Xbox One.

He clarified the point, saying that there will be two versions of Halo 2 Anniversary Edition on Xbox One: a Collector's Edition with beta access to Halo 5 and access to the upcoming Halo TV series, and the War Collection, which will include Halo 3 and 4.

ntkrnl has also made claims about upcoming Xbox One releases and hardware today.

What a day, eh?

Thanks to @reptilescorpio for the tip!

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  • ilovegoogleglass

    Damn if true….

  • Hates bad writers.

    Next up, Halo anniversary, anniversary! Play Halo 1 in glorious remade, remade graphics. I doubt this one, Halo 3 sure, but 4? Doubt it.

  • TheScienceEnthusiast1103

    This is delightful kittens :)
    ninsci . weebly . com a thread “for” gays “by” gays

  • Dennis Crosby

    Yea I don’t think this is true that’s to many halo’s it sounds like bs halo 2,3,4 beta access to 5 plus the tv show lol yea there goes those anonymous insiders