PS4 Quick Tip: Adjust the volume and audio output for the DualShock 4


When you unpack your shiny new PS4 tomorrow, you'll get your chance -- for some maybe your first chance -- to go hands on with the DualShock 4. New to this iteration of the controller is an external speaker and a jack for the included mono headset.

In some games -- Killzone: Shadow Fall for one -- certain sounds will be played through the speaker in the controller. It's not exactly a new thing, but it is new for PlayStation. By default, the volume for the speaker is set all the way up and trust me when I say that it's really loud. To lower the volume simply hold the PS button on the face of the controller down for a few seconds until you're presented with this screen.


From here you can adjust the volume of the speaker and the headset independently  You're also able to set what audio you hear through the headset. Instead of using the speaker on the controller you can send that audio through the headset instead. Handy for times when you need to be quiet.

PlayStation 4 is available in Australia and New Zealand 29 November 2013.

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