Extra PS4 DualShock 4 controllers don’t come with their own USB charging cables

Extra PS4 DualShock 4 controllers don't come with their own USB charging cables

Now, we know this isn't the end of the world, but a quick look at the back of a (Canadian, admittedly) DualShock 4 box confirms that the accessory does not come with its own USB charging cable.

The packaging of the DualShock 4 (pictured above, and sorry about the quality... it had to get from Canada to Australia in my carry-on) states, "A USB cable is not included. To connect or charge the controller, use the USB cable supplied with the PS4 system."

So, out of the box, gamers with more than one DualShock 4 will only have the capability to charge one controller at a time... unless they happen to have extra USB Micro-B cables at home. If not, extra USB cables aren't too expensive to obtain, but after spending $100 AUD on the extra controller, it is an additional cost gamers mightn't have been aware of.

Extra DualShock 3 controllers for the PS3 also shipped without an additional power cable.

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  • Anonymous
    • Steve Wright

      True, so why not just include it with the $100 AUD controller? :)

      • John Fletcher

        because some people don’t need the cable moron. That’s why they don’t include it in extra controllers. SOME people like me get a spare controller and a charging stand and just swap controllers when one gets low. D’oh

        • chrisj979

          Then why include the HDMI cable? I didn’t NEED theirs.

    • Big-Bruizzer

      It’s a shame the shipping is more than the cord. Not worth it. Put it in the package. I don’t buy a new car and then have to buy the keys separate to drive it home. So why should I have to buy a cord. This upset me with the ps3. I have iPhones so I don’t have these micro USB cables laying around.

      • Daniel Dorestant

        The car and key analogy you used is incorrect

        The ps4 includes the cord, so once you get home your ds4 will be able to function without a cord included in the ds4 packaging

        A car cannot function at all without keys

        If anything the PS4 is the car

        One controller and one cord is the “key”

        Sony provided that

        • chrisj979

          It’s like buying a Camry but only having one door.
          Sure it seats 4 but you all have to get in and out through the one door.
          Want more doors, well you can get them put on cheap (so why include them), hell I have some doors left over from my other car that I can use.

  • cubs223425

    Beats the $25 Play & Charge needed for the One.

    • Steve Wright

      A (similarly not included) micro USB cable will charge them, too. :)

      • cubs223425

        You have to get a battery first, and I’ve yet to see the batteries sold outside of the Play & Charge bundle.

        • Steve Wright

          Fair enough. :) Looking into the Xbox One side with MS now.

          • cubs223425

            Yeah, I tried to quickly search for a standalone rechargeable battery for the new Xbox, and I can’t find it. That they upped the controllers to $60 (from $50) and the Play & Charge from to $25 (from $20) is robbery enough, but it looks like they now aren’t carrying JUST the battery, so every $60 controller becomes an $85 because you HAVE to buy the charger with the battery, which I guess means everyone MIGHT AS WELL buy the $75 controller+battery+charger combos they sell.

            As much as I love my 360, it really is an embarrassment how Microsoft is choosing to nickel-and-dime people anymore. I’ll avoid ranting about it and just leave my comment as it stands, though.

          • Beau Nidle

            At least with Xbox controllers you can just swap out the battery and replace it for AU$30 and not have to buy a new AU$100 controller when the DualShock battery dies (or need technical knowhow to open the controller to replace it).
            AU$100 for an Xbox One controller with Play & Charge (cable included and swappable battery) or AU$100 PS4 controller with no cable.

          • cubs223425

            In my personal experience, I wear out a controller before I wear out a battery. I’ve only worn out one (the old blue one) controller really (rubber on the left stick peeled off some and it ghosted badly), but the battery was still working when I last used the controller (still have both, though the battery is basically useless now).

            I’ve also got one of the silver ones with the new D-Pad, and it’s starting to wear (bit of ghosting, Y button sticks a little, one of the triggers creaks), but the battery I got with it is still lasting a couple of days.

            Yes, you have a valid point, though. I’d rather spend $25 to replace a battery than $60. I’d also rather spend $60 on a controller than $75 as well, which I could do if the console had a cable and all batteries were built-in. Heck, even if the console did NOT come with the charging cable, most smartphones and many tablets come with it, among other electronics.

          • Bob Johnson Smithman

            DualShock batteries for my PS3 controllers never died and I had a shit load of controllers and used all of them alot, so did other people, so no worries there. But I think the lacking of the cable is rather annoying – guess I’ll be buying super long cables from third parties like I did before.

          • John Fletcher

            hey guess what genius? You can go on Amazon and buy replacement batteries for the DS3 for like 5 bucks and swap it out yourself instead of buying another controller. LOL And I’m pretty sure those batteries will be the same in the DS4.
            Microsoft sucks arse, I dont’ know how so many people are so damn blind still.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I’m not too sure I would consider that as I just don’t like opening up controllers.. I used to open up my 360 pads all the time and swap out a new shell.

            As someone else said, they had their DS3 since 2006 with no signs of the battery capacity going down. Since I got my PS3 back in May I doubt I’ll ever have to do this unless of course in 20 years from now when I revisit the PS3 and there are no longer DS3′s available to purchase.

            I also don’t really wear down my controllers too much but with just normal wear and tear I’d probably just go ahead and buy a new controller anyhow to have tighter analog sticks and the thing just being new.

            Now MS on the other hand, have just lost their minds with this in the 8th generation by still requiring an external battery pack and AA support? I just think that’s hillarious!

      • Not A PC Gamer

        I recently bought a 15 foot Micro USB from Amazon for 5 bucks. I’ve had nothing but problems keeping the controller from cutting out and getting the error message, “Wireless Controller not detected.” I even went back to Gamestop and returned my DS4 for another one and I’m still having the same problem. Obviously the problem is with my cable. It’s as if something was wrong with the connector.

        • John Fletcher

          learn more about usb cables. The longer they are the less power gets to the device. then again 15′ for $5? sounds like a crappy one to start with.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            There is nothing to learn.. and I returned that cable 2 months ago and bought a 10 foot cable again from Amazon and it works like a charm and never disconnects.
            You do share my feelings about cheap cables though. You know they want around 30 for the same length cable at retail right? Anyhow I bought a Media bridge and after researching it, it’s much better than anything Frys or Best Buy had for $25 dollars less.

          • John Fletcher

            who were those cables MADE by though? And you kinda proved my point….. a 15′ cable didnt’ work but a 10′ did. It’s like one of my WD Passport harddrives, it wont’ connect to any pc if I try to use a cord longer then the one that came with it (which is like 6 inches long), otherwise enough power doesnt’ GET to the drive (the drive just keeps clicking but wont’ power up all the way).

            And ya Mediabridge is great, I’ve bought alot of different cables from them that never fail. XD

          • Not A PC Gamer

            I was aware of the length of the cable (the same exact principle applies to HDMI as well if you are going more than 3 to 6 meters with a cheap cable) but it was a friend of mine who recommended the faulty cable I bought in the first place. It was actually 2 days before I got the default first cable that he told me to return it as soon as I got it because he had the same problems with the 15 foot.

            In the end I did plug it in and it disconnected all the time so I returned it for a 10 foot.

            Glad to hear you think MediaBridge is great because the reviews I looked at at amazon where nearly all good.

            It just makes me kinda mad that the even the cable that comes with the PS4 for the DS4 is only 6 feet long. I remember Sony used to sell a really nice 15 foot one for the DS3. Maybe they’ll do the same for the dual shock 4 I hope!

            Anyhow, take care and happy gaming!

          • John Fletcher

            wait, the charge cable for the controller that comes with the PS4 is SIX feet long? Nice… I guess Sony did listen. that’ll reach my recliner easy unlike the 3 foot that came with the DS3 lol… I’m using THAT cable to charge my Pulse Elite headphones on their stand and I have a ten footer to charge it while playing. Dont’ need to charge a controller cause I have two, on a charging stand…. jsut swap to the other when one’s low.

            Btw if you needed like 10 feet… (or 9.5), you could’ve just gotten this: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B001TH7GV4/ref=oh_details_o09_s00_i01?ie=UTF8&psc=1

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Nice? How on earthy is 6 feet enough for you unless you are literally gaming at a desk bud? I mean don’t get me wrong I game between 7 and 10 feet from the actual screen but a 10 foot minimum is a must for me.

            Yeah, that charging station is the way to go and much better than being tethered to the console with USB. Although I ditched the Xbox360 brand way back in May (for good reason lol) I had a quick charge cradle station and just like you, I would always have a fresh batter pack (or in PS3′s case a charged controller) ready to go on the charger as soon as the one I was using was depleted.

          • Not A PC Gamer

            Nice? How on earth is 6 feet enough for you unless you are literally gaming at a desk bud? I mean don’t get me wrong I game between 7 and 10 feet from the actual screen but a 10 foot minimum is a must for me.

            Yeah, that charging station is the way to go and much better than being tethered to the console with USB. Although I ditched the Xbox360 brand way back in May (for good reason lol) I had a quick charge cradle station and just like you, I would always have a fresh battery pack (or in PS3′s case a charged controller) ready to go on the charger as soon as the one I was using was depleted.

            I saw that cable over at amazon but didn’t care for the amazon logos on the connectors so I avoided it just like I avoided a white Micro USB.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    Wow… spoiled much? I know this will take great sacrifice from you but… You might have to pay 65 cents to get your own

    • Steve Wright

      I understand the cables are cheap. Don’t forget that Aussies are paying $100 AUD compared to $60 in America.

  • realmadpuppy

    so…the DS4 is being packaged the same way the DS3 was packaged? this is not a revelation. If you need a usb cable to charge the DS4 there is always monoprice.com to get them for pennies on the dollar.

    • Steve Wright

      So PS4 news is old because it’s the same way on PS3? That’s an assumption, not news.

      Second, I understand the cables are cheap. Don’t forget that Aussies are paying $100 AUD compared to $60 in America.

      • realmadpuppy

        Is it news when the Sun rises at it’s appointed time six days from now?
        usually, news is when something changes from the norm….just sayin’ :P

        • Steve Wright

          A sunrise is basic knowledge, and the fact that some gamers didn’t know they’d need an extra USB cable means this is news.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Cry me a river boohoo wah wah lmfao

  • Slay

    Sony likes that cash

    • Counterproductive

      At least it has a battery included to charge, unlike the play & charge kit Microsoft would like you to buy for an extra $25. I don’t know how many of those things died on me with the 360, but my original SIXAXIS battery is still going strong.

  • cubs223425

    So the question I have now is: How does the charging work on these things? Does it use the USB 3.0 charge rate, or are the cables 2.0? Does it become a wired controller while charging, or is the data stilled moved wirelessly while charging? Also, will you be able to sit on the couch with these plugged into your smartphone/tablet’s microUSB charger and get power that way, in the event you don’t sit close enough for the cable to reach you from the console?

    • Counterproductive

      It worked that way with the PS3. When my controllers are low, I plug into the laptop on my coffee table to charge while I play. PS4 works the same way.

  • Yo Mama

    Why the fuck are websites trying to make a big deal out of this? NEWS FLASH!! The DualShock 3′s didn’t come with one either! I swear sites are grasping at straws the closer to launch we get.

  • Plapons

    Massive FAIL !!!

    cancel your pre-order for the ps FAIL.

    • Bob Johnson Smithman

      [sarcastica font] Yes, good idea, cancel your pre order for the PS4 because SOME controllers do not come with a charging cable already supplied with the PS4 that can otherwise be bought from 3rd parties. You must have a regular sized or large brain and must also not be an xbone fanboy. Well done, sir!

  • HamishL

    The consoles may be the cheapest new release for a while, but they’ll still get their money somehow.

  • Chris Ciancimino

    At least with the DS3, the A-mini B was a common cable. I had ten in the desk ever before purchasing a PS3. An A-micro B cable is nowhere near as common as the A-mini B was at PS3 launch. I purchased a DS4 to use on PC & PS3 until January, but now have to drive around to find an A-micro B cable. On top of wasting gas, I have to pay the 10000% retail markup on cables (and the tax on that) for something Sony could have purchased in bulk for $0.05 and thrown it in the package.

    • Marc MacDonald

      Uncommon? I have something like ten of the damn things kicking around from various electronics. None longer than 3′ mind you, but they’re still the go to cable for many manufacturers.. Have been for a few years now. I’m going to assume you gave an iPhone? It would explain your lack of being exposed to them somewhat.

  • chrisj979

    Funny how everyone is like so what I have plenty laying around, yeah I do to but when I buy a $50 controller I would think they would include the .50 charging cable. Yes ONE comes witht the console but that’s because the console comes with (are you ready for this) A CONTROLLER. So you are expecteed to use multiple controllers with one charger, lol when two people are playing at once (some of you need friends) make sure you sit close to the TV. Since the expectation is that you SHOULD have one lying around then why include the power cable or the HDMI cable, I have plenty of them lying around also and if I didn’t they are not that expensive as the charging cable is not. Everyone says how inexpensive the cable is and you are right that’s why I EXPECT it to come with the controller (yes I know it did not come with the DS3 also) that pissed me off too. Once again it’s not the availability of the cable, it’s the fact that the $50 controller does nto include the .75 cable.
    I buy a monitor it comes with VGA, DVI, and a Display Port cable, I buy a blu-ray player hdmi cable included, buy a TV hdmi cable included, I order internet service ATT, Comcast, Verizon all give you network cables, Wii accessories come with charging cables, the list goes on. But since the majority shrugs it off so will Sony, at the end it’s just good customer service to say hey we included the .50 cable, just like we included the usless .20 earpiece and .70 HDMI cable….