Wii discontinued by Nintendo in Japan

21 October 2013

It’s being reported by Engadget today that Nintendo has discontinued sales of the Wii in the company’s home country of Japan.

Engadget discovered the change in status of the console on the official website for Nintendo of Japan. The console is listed as disconitued in the upper right corner of the website (and the featured image above).

While the console is discontinued in Japan, consumers will still have the option of picking up a Wii U or finding a surplus Wii console on sale if they wish to play Wii games. The Wii and it’s smaller version — the Wii Mini — are still on sale in other regions at this stage. Though it seems likely that Nintendo will discontinue the Wii entirely in the near future as they focus on the Wii U and 3DS.

Anyone still not own a Wii and thinking about buying one?