Watch: This random kid looks to have a retail Xbox One

We don't know what's better: that this random kid somehow has a retail Xbox One (from the look of it), or that he's done an unboxing video that sure beats Major Nelson's.

Take a look before the video is removed. UPDATE: It was, but here's a mirror for you:

So, thoughts? And what accent does he have? We can't figure it out.

UPDATE: Well, that video lasted for all of an hour. We're looking to get a mirrored version of the video since the original has now been removed from YouTube... by way of the YouTuber's account being closed.

Until we find an alternate source, here are some screencaps from the video thanks to NeoGAF:



The plain packaging, -- plus the quick-smart takedown of the video -- lead us to assume that a Microsoft employee's child might have gotten a bit carried away with his parent's trial Xbox One. We're speculating about the video's origins and haven't confirmed any of this, of course.

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  • Ben Salter

    Damn YouTube kids. The worst people on the internet.

    Some type of Irish but not Irish accent. I think Welsh. Maybe.

    • Steve Wright

      I think it’s Irish sounding. Someone on Twitter suggested Norwegian.

  • OK Records

    I found a link.

  • OK Records