Microsoft’s Xbox Live Rewards program returns

5 September 2013

Microsoft sent Xbox Live Rewards program members an email this morning advising that the popular loyalty system is back up and running.

“We’ve rethought what it means to be rewarded. We’ve listened to your feedback and added new rewards into the mix. And now we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you – our most dedicated Xbox fans,” said Microsoft, who’d put the program on hiatus while removing Microsoft Points as a means of currency from their systems.

The email summarised the new program as follows:

Earn Rewards Credits, turn them into cash, spend them at the Xbox Stores.
You achieved, now receive more! Introducing a new MyAchievements VIP tier for our most dedicated gamers.
Get paid to play! Introducing a new reward for playing the latest games.
Knock out new Punchcards – now easier and faster to get your Rewards!
And keep earning by renewing your Gold membership, spending at the Xbox Stores, referring your friends, taking surveys and more!


In short, members are given credits for specific actions taken (as you can see above). When a user hits at least 5,000 credits, “they will be converted into [your local currency] and deposited into your Microsoft account around the 15th and 30th of every month,” the site says. A graded discount scheme — based on your gamerscore — also returns and rewards users with cashback on purchases.

Members of the old rewards scheme will be required to sign up for the new Xbox Live Rewards program. You can do so by heading to the Xbox Live Rewards site and clicking “join.” You’ll get an email notification from Microsoft when your account is ready to go.