The Windows Phone 8 version of FIFA 13 exclusive to Nokia handsets

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GAME NAME: FIFA 13 (mobile)




GENRE(S): Sports



Well, this is a bit silly.

Nokia today confirmed they've gained exclusive access to FIFA 13 on Windows Phone 8 devices, meaning those with an HTC or Samsung WP8 handset are out of luck.

FIFA 13 -- with Xbox Live achievements and a 951 MB download -- offers enhanced graphics, control improvements, and 30 playable leagues, 500 playable teams, 15,000... well, playable... players and 32 stadiums. As long as you've got a Nokia Lumia, that is.

How's that mobile market share going, Microsoft?

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  • gtroberts

    This “timed exclusive” is perfectly normal when you have multiple manufacturers using the same base product e.g. in the Android world, there are exclusives available only for Samsung phones vs other Android phones as well.

    As for marketshare? Yep, its going well. now up to ~8% worldwide. USA went from 3% to 6%. In some countries, WP is averaging 14% marketshare and in some other countries, WP is outselling iPhone.

    Sure they’re small numbers compared to Android or iOS but they’re numbers that are increasing quite well with each quarter.