Dynasty Warriors 8 delayed until late July

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Dynasty Warriors 8

DEVELOPER(S): Omega Force

PUBLISHER(S): Tecmo Koei

PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Fighting

RELEASE DATE(S): 25 July 2013


Tecmo Koei Europe announced yesterday that Dynasty Warriors 8 has been delayed until 25 July on both Xbox 360 and PS3.

The good news with the delay is that fans have more time to pre-order the title. "By pre-ordering at either EB Games or JB Hi-fi, fans will receive a beautiful, limited edition smartphone pouch, otherwise unavailable outside Japan, in one of four exclusive designs. Each design features a different character and colour, representing the four kingdoms," Tecmo Koei confirmed.

If you choose to pre-order from an independent retailer, you'll walk away with a free DLC pack that contains outfits for Zhao Yun and Sun Shangxiang from Romance of the Three Kingdoms 12.

Additionally, all pre-orders will also net you a free DLC pack contaning Zhou Yu, Lu Xun, Cao Cao, Zhang Fei and Guan Yu’s outfits from Dynasty Warriors 1.

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