Public Transport Victoria to put on extra trains for PAX AUS

Public Transport Victoria to put on extra trains for PAX AUS

17 May 2013

Public Transport Victoria and PAX AUS today advised that Melbourne’s Metro will be running extra trains to and from the Melbourne Showgrounds for PAX Australia.

Metro will be running special trains to the Showgrounds that travel from Flinders Street to the Showgrounds, stopping at Southern Cross and North Melbourne stations before hand. During PAX AUS, Friday 19 July to Sunday 21 July, trains will run every 20 minutes from 8.00 am to 10.40 am, and then every 40 minutes from 10.40 to 12.00 pm.

After 12.00 pm, Metro advises to “catch a train to Newmarket Station on the Craigieburn line. You can then catch a Route 57 tram and get off at Stop 32, a short walk from the Showgrounds entrance.” Or, you know, go before 12.00 noon.

To get from the Showgrounds, Metro will run trains from the Showgrounds to Flinders Street every 40 minutes from 6.20 pm and 10.00 pm, then every 20 minutes from 10.00 pm to 11.00 pm, and then every 10 minutes from 11.00 pm to 12.00 am. To get home before 6.20 pm, Metro advises that you “catch a Route 57 tram to Newmarket Station and connect with a Craigieburn line train to either Craigieburn or the city.”

The official notification from Public Transport Victoria can be read here.

PAX AUS runs from 19-21 July and tickets are already sold out.