Connectivity is very important in Watch_Dogs, says Ubisoft

Connectivity is very important in Watch_Dogs, says Ubisoft

6 May 2013

[one_half last=”no”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Watch Dogs” developers=”Ubisoft Montreal” publishers=”Ubisoft” platforms=”PS3, Xbox 360, PS4, Wii U, PC” genres=”Action, Stealth” release_date=”2013″][/one_half]

Ubisoft and Sony recently released a video providing an behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming Watch_Dogs, focusing on the game’s connectivity.

Senior producer Dominic Guay said that one of Watch_Dogs‘ “core pillars is connectivity.” As such, players will be able to use their own mobile devices in some way to interact with the game.

“We wanted the player to be able to connect to Watch_Dogs even through his mobile,” Guay said. Ubisoft’s goal is for gamers to “be able to play directly with people who are on their console, who are on their PlayStation 4, even if [they’re] on the bus. Basically to be attached to our game world even when he steps out of the living room.”

Watch_Dogs will be available on 22 November in Australia, New Zealand and the UK on PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, PS4 and the next-gen Xbox.