Saints Row’s juvenile tone was never questioned during development


Game Info

GAME NAME: Saints Row IV

DEVELOPER(S): Deep Silver Volition

PUBLISHER(S): Deep Silver

PLATFORM(S): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Sandbox

RELEASE DATE(S): 23 August 2013


In an interview with Official Xbox MagazineSaints Row senior producer Jim Boone said that THQ never interfered with the development of Saints Row IV and that former THQ president Jason Rubin was supportive of the team and their efforts.

"Jason was extremely supportive [of] SR4 and really liked what we were doing with the game," said Boone regarding the notion that THQ considered the tone of the game  a hindrance for higher sales. He suggested that THQ had offered "ideas for the game, and those ideas were never suggestions about changing our tone". According to Boon, the publisher and its former president "loved what we were doing."

Boone claims that the series' trademark humour - which is singularly low-brow - helps sales rather than harms them and fans "would miss what might considered juvenile elements of previous SR games," if they were removed.

Saints Row IV is heading to PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 23 August with low brow, toilet humour firmly in place.

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