Have Australian retail stores broken street date on Injustice?

Have Australian retail stores broken street date on Injustice?

15 April 2013

[one_half=”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Injustice: Gods Among Us” developers=”NetherRealm” publishers=”WB” platforms=”Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360″ genres=”Fighting” release_date=”17 April 2013″][/one_half]

Our sources are saying yes.

An anonymous source has told Stevivor.com that JB Hi-Fi stores in Canberra have lead the charge, first offering Injustice: Gods Among Us‘ Xbox 360 and PS3 editions to consumers. A call to a local Melbourne CBD JB Hi-Fi has also confirmed that an Injustice Collector’s Edition pre-order is now available for pick-up.

Not everyone has broken street date (yet); EB Games Swanston Street in the Melbourne CBD has confirmed that they’re not breaking street date until Head Office allows it, whilst a tongue-in-cheek tweet from EB Games told Stevivor “don’t tell me how to live, you’re not my real dad!” after we mentioned that they should go ahead and start selling.

If you’ve been able to pick up Injustice, why don’t you tell us where in the comments below?

UPDATE: EB Games has just confirmed they’ve broken street date as well. Get to your local and grab your copy! (It wouldn’t hurt to check with your store of choice before you show up, though…). It also looks as if the Wii U version of the game isn’t part of this, as it’s been delayed. We’re working to get more information on that front… after we go pick up our Collector’s Edition statue, that is.