The NHL celebrates the 20th anniversary of NHL 94 (and so do we!)
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The NHL celebrates the 20th anniversary of NHL 94 (and so do we!)

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Man, I feel old. I remember playing NHL 94 like it was yesterday — after all, it was the first hockey game to actually feature the names and likeness of NHL stars at the time. It was GREAT.

Turns out, it was twenty years ago.

The NHL is celebrating NHL 94‘s 20th anniversary with a lovely little write-up. In it, Blackhawks legend Jeremy Roenick talks about his experiences with the game.

“It’s the No. 1 comment that is made to me over the course of every day, whether it’s over Twitter or meeting on the street,” Roenick told “Whatever the case may be, I would say one out of three people I meet mention ’94 Sega.”

“They say one of three things: One, ‘You couldn’t beat the Chicago Blackhawks [in the game] because of Jeremy Roenick.’ No. 2, ‘I got through college playing Jeremy Roenick in ’94 Sega.’ The third is it was a rule that you couldn’t be the Chicago Blackhawks in the game, because they were that unstoppable,” Roenick continued.

Roenick’s right, guys. Is he EVER right.

Folks, raise a glass to the game that not only started my own fascination with video games, but’s real foray into the industry. This site’s first ever actual promo-only review copy was NHL 09, thanks to the lovely folks over at EA Australia.

Steve Wright

Steve Wright

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