Scott Pilgrim vs the World (finally) brings Wallace into the mix

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Scott Pilgrim vs the World

DEVELOPER(S): Ubisoft Montreal



GENRE(S): Side-scrolling beat em up

RELEASE DATE(S): 11 August 2010


It's been an incredibly long time coming, but the long awaited online multiplayer/Wallace Wells DLC for Scott Pilgrim vs the World will be available on PSN this week in both North America and Europe (including Australia).

Both the US and EU PlayStation blogs simply mention that the DLC will be "out this week", so we assume when the store has its regular update the DLC will appear.

The DLC will cost $4.99USD/£3.99/€4.99 (Australian pricing not yet known) and will add Wallace to the playable character roster, bring online multiplayer to the game and add four new trophies. PlayStation Plus members receive a 20% discount  for two weeks on both the DLC and new "Ultimate Edition" of the game.

We first heard about the DLC back in August last year and since then it has faced delay after delay. The achievements for the DLC popped up months ago and many assumed the add-on would soon follow. The DLC was supposed to release in February but was once again delayed following accusations of plagiarism. Now finally, after what seems like forever the game can be played online and with Wallace joining the fray.

No word as yet on when the DLC will be coming to Xbox 360.

Will you be fighting the World online?

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