Half a million fans vote to make Old School RuneScape a reality

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Game Info

GAME NAME: RuneScape

DEVELOPER(S): Jagex Games Studio

PUBLISHER(S): Jagex Games Studio



RELEASE DATE(S): 4 January 2001


Creators of MMORPG RuneScape - Jagex Games Studios - recently held a vote to determine whether or not the August 2007 version of the game (known as Old School RuneScape) would be recreated and made available to all RuneScape players.

In the space of the two week voting period half a million RuneScape members voted in support of the 2007 version which is available to all members right now.

The service will remain free for the next six months with the fate of the game being decided by the community, including decisions about keeping the game active and which classic features to bring across.

You can access Old School RuneScape here.

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