God of War: Ascension to be patched to lower difficulty of the “Trial of Archimedes”

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Game Info

GAME NAME: God of War: Ascension

DEVELOPER(S): SCE Santa Monica



GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 14 March 2013


It seems that a particular section in God of War: Ascension is giving a lot of gamers grief. "The Trial of Archimedes," which comes late in the game, is proving to be very difficult with some gamers claiming to have taken upwards of three hours to clear the section.

"The Trial of Archimedes" requires players to defeat three waves of enemies without any checkpoints and only minimal health and magic drops. Game Director Todd Pappy responded to criticisms of the difficulty on Twitter first saying that he personally tuned the level and that Santa Monica were looking into patching it. Later he confirmed that "It will be patched very soon."

Anybody played that section of the game yet? Have you had any issues?

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