Fight with rhythm and Snoop in Way of the Dogg

Fight with rhythm and Snoop in Way of the Dogg

Game Info

GAME NAME: Way of the Dogg


PUBLISHER(S): 505 Games

PLATFORM(S): Android, iOS, PSN, Xbox Live Arcade

GENRE(S): Beat-em-up rhythm


Way of the Dogg has just been announced by 505 Games and stars, you guessed it, Snoop Dogg or is that Snoop Lion. Confused? Don't be, Way of the Dogg is a rhythm based beat-em-up, where players need to match beats in Snoop's music to fight enemies. Each level is built around a different Snoop track and according to Ciaran Walsh, Director at Developer Echo Peak the game is built "around [Snoop's] music and love of '70s Kung Fu and Blaxploitation movies."

Way of the Dogg will be available for Android, iOS, PSN and XBLA sometime later this year.

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