Everybody’s Golf DLC for Vita incoming, PS3 port being released outside Japan


Game Info

GAME NAME: Everybody's Golf




GENRE(S): Golf

RELEASE DATE(S): 22 February 2012 (Vita), Winter 2013 PS3


Good news golf fans! Everybody's Golf (or Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational for you North Americans) will be receiving DLC in the form of additional courses and characters 19 March. Better still, the PS3 port of the title - available since late last year in Japan - will be making its way to the west this Winter.

Sony announced that DLC and port news today and confirmed that the DLC characters would be Kat from Gravity Rush (she's certainly doing the rounds huh?) as well as Erika and Gloria. New courses Mt. Sakura and Northern Fox Country Club from 2003's Everybody's Golf 4 will be available as well as brand new course Mar Cielo.

Looking forward to more golf?

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