God of War: Ascension rated R18+ in Australia; cannot be sold in Queensland

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Game Info

GAME NAME: God of War: Ascension

DEVELOPER(S): SCE Santa Monica



GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 14 March 2013


Kotaku Australia has broken news of God of War: Ascension's R18+ rating, and more importantly, its subsequent inability to be sold in Queensland stores this March.

A national R18+ rating for video games exists, but individual Australian states and territories must pass their own legistation to allow games to be sold. As Queensland has yet to pass legislation for an R18+ rating in games, the newly classified God of War: Ascension cannot be sold in the state until this is rectified.

Kotaku has reported that a message was sent to retailers today stating, “as Queensland has not passed legislation for the R18 rating for games we must remove all reference to God of War: Ascension immediately. This includes all game slicks, posters, pamphlets, hand written signage, 2-way units and pre order signage.”

The Queensland Parliament is set to meet in the middle of this month to discuss an R18+ rating for the state, though this doesn't guarantee legislation will pass (in time, anyway).

God of War: Ascension will be available exclusively for PS3 on 14 March 2013.

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