Get Tactical with the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer trailer

Get Tactical with the Aliens: Colonial Marines multiplayer trailer

Game Info

GAME NAME: Aliens: Colonial Marines



PLATFORM(S): Wii U, PC, Xbox 360, PS3


RELEASE DATE(S): 12 February 2013

As we get nearer to the release date forĀ Aliens: Colonial Marines the information and new trailers are coming thick and fast.

The lastest trailer shows off the asymmetrical multiplayer featured in the game. Playing as either Marines or Xenomorphs provides you with a plethora of tactical choices based on the special abilities of each team.

Playing as a Marine furnishes gamers with a wide variety of weapons which are fully customisable, as are the characters. Xenomorph players can choose from three different classes each with customisable attacks and appearance.

Whichever team you choose it appears that teamwork is the key. Going off alone looks like a sure fire way to end up dead.

Aliens: Colonial MarinesĀ will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 on 12 February and on Wii U at a date to be announced.

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