[CLOSED] Win a copy of DmC: Devil May Cry on 360, PS3 or PC!


Game Info

GAME NAME: DmC: Devil May Cry

DEVELOPER(S): Ninja Theory


PLATFORM(S): PC, PS3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 15 January 2013 (PS3 & Xbox 360) 25 January 2013 (PC)


Didn't get what you wanted for Christmas? Well, thanks to Capcom, we might be able to help you with those post-holiday blues. Today, we're giving you the chance to win a copy of DmC: Devil May Cry on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC!

Even better, you'll also get a DmC: Devil May Cry shirt bundled with your game.


To set yourself up the rebooted adventures of Dante, enter via any of the methods below -- and you can use all the methods for more chances to win!

Via Stevivor.com

  • Post a comment below, either via Facebook (see the 'Via Facebook' bit below) or the generic form telling us one thing you'd have changed about Dante during his "makeover". Also list your platform preference. That’s it!

Via the Stevivor.com forums

  • Register for the forums (if you can comment normally, use those credentials) and make a post in the Competition topic telling us one thing you'd have changed about Dante during his "makeover". Also list your platform preference.

Via Facebook

  • Go click 'Like' and make yourself a fan of Stevivor.com, then put up a comment on the entry for this contest. (The 'Like' thing still applies if you comment below via the Facebook interface!) telling us one thing you'd have changed about Dante during his "makeover". Also list your platform preference.

Via Twitter

  • Follow StevivorGaming and RT the following tweet. You could win a copy of the game, but you'll definitely be in the loop when it comes to Australian/New Zealand gaming news, community and more -- so really, you're an instant winner!

You've got until 12 noon on Monday 14 January to enter this contest. A crack team of Stevivor.com judges will then select three winners from Australia or New Zealand -- one for each console -- and arrange to have one (1) 360 copy, one (1) PS3 copy and one (1) PC copy of DmC: Devil May Cry mailed to each. The PC winner will get their copy closer to the PC release date, obviously. Good luck!

If you're DYING to get your hands on DmC: Devil May Cry and don't want to run the risk of a simple contest, you might want to consider pre-ordering the game from EB Games now.

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Steve Wright

Steve Wright, aka Stevivor: A Canadian-Australian gay gaming geek, freelance journalist, sweet games blog owner, ice hockey player/fan, beer aficionado and tech trainer. Steve is proud to be the Australian iiNet TopGeek 2.0! Check him out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

  • Smoolander

    I would have given him skinny leg jeans, a flannel shirt and a penchant for country music.

    Either console version is fine, but preference would be 360.

  • http://www.facebook.com/metalskeith Daniel Nguyen

    Adding more awesome ways of eating pizza while kicking demons asses. I would prefer PS3 console, please!

  • Darkstorm

    I would give him long red hair or a Slave Headband. Also, he should totally have a jacket with the Stevivor logo on it.

    PS3 please.

  • Khyle

    OMG, Love Dante.. If I had one preference to change it would be back to the classic white hair but now he looks more Human so I appreciate it a little more.
    Xbox please and thank you

  • Nightwing92

    Although it hurts the purist in me, I’m almost completely sure that DmC is going to tell the story of how Dante’s hair turned white. So… I would change the British flag on his jacket to an Australian one. I know the point of the flag is that it is representative of punk-culture, but I think that having an Australian flag randomly would fit Dante’s irreverence. Plus it would be cool to see our awesome country get some love.

    Thanks for this opportunity, and X-box 360!

  • L4mby

    He looks too clean for me so I’d just get him a bit more messy. Like he’s been killing demons all day. 360 please.

  • Sam

    I think he needs some moisturizer because his skin looks a bit rough :)

  • SonicFinn

    Why hasn’t anyone suggested Dante be remade as a woman? FOR SHAME, SEXIST GAMERS. 360 please!

  • http://www.twitter.com/disco_box Disco_box

    I’d beef him up. He’s a little too weedy to pull off those combo’s and fighting feats. I always felt he’d snap from an enemy hit.

    PS3 me.