Nvidia unveils the Tegra 4, world’s fastest mobile processor
8 Jan 2013 Share

Nvidia unveils the Tegra 4, world’s fastest mobile processor

The Tegra 4 has been unveiled at CES and with six times the power of the Tegra 3 it’s a powerhouse of a processor for the next generation of mobile devices.

The Tegra 4 features;

  • 72 NVIDIA GeForce GPUs;
  • The first ever quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 CPU, providing 2.6 times faster web browsing;
  • 4G LTE voice and data support through the optional NVIDIA Icera i500 modem processor;
  • New computer powered photography technology which significantly improved HDR image and video capture; and
  • Second generation battery saver core and PRISM 2 display, allowing for 14 hours of HD video playback on mobile devices.

The new chip is incredibly powerful so we can look forward to some brilliant games and mobile experiences in the future. The Tegra 4 chip is also the power behind the newly unveiled Project Shield handheld, also from Nvidia. We’ll bring you more details of the handheld  soon.

Leo Stevenson

Leo Stevenson

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