Disney Infinity revealed, launch trailer released

Disney Infinity revealed, launch trailer released

16 January 2013

[one_half=”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Disney Infinity” developers=”Avalanche Software” publishers=”Disney” platforms=”PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PC” genres=”Kids” release_date=”Winter 2013″][/one_half]

Disney Infinity, due for release in the middle of 2013, will combine the best of Disney and Pixar worlds in a Skylanders style sandbox game, Disney Interactive co-president John Pleasants announced earlier today.

The Disney Infinity product platform will be launching with an initial line of 40 collectible figures, and players will then be able to unlock another 17 characters through the game’s new Toy Box mode. As a first to the “physical product in a digital game” market, Disney Infinity will also make use of Power Discs that will let you power up your characters with unique abilities and gadgets.

“We are here to announce Disney Infinity,” Pleasants said at the announcement, describing it as being a “new interactive gaming platform” and the culmination of Disney property from the  “past, present and future.”  Unlike it’s direct competitor, Skylanders, Pleasants described Disney Infinity as not being a “a single game,” calling it a unique platform that will grow over time with the user’s figure collection.

During the announcement and demonstration, John Blackburn from Avalanche Software showed off Toy Box mode, demoing Mr. Incredible on a stunt track, and then Jack Sparrow, Wreck-It Ralph, and Jack Skellington all racing in Disney chariots. Following this, Blackburn showed off Jack Sparrow using a magic wand to create a whole new world, a mix of environments from the Wreck-It Ralph universe and Tron.

Each play set will have its own unique style, the Pirates of the Carribean set was focused on sword-fights, ship-to-ship combat, and customisable pirate ships. In Toy Box mode, players will be able to merge as many worlds as they want, crafting wholly unique play experiences for them and their friends to play through co-op.

When it launches in June, Disney Infinity‘s base package will come with the game, the base, and three figures, and will set you back $75.00 USD. Individual play sets (new environments) will cost $34.99 USD, and you’ll be able to buy booster packs of characters for $29.99 USD, or individual characters for $12.99 USD. Australian pricing has yet to be confirmed.