Dead Space 3 PC port lacks visual options in name of consistency

Dead Space 3 PC port lacks visual options in name of consistency

29 January 2013

[one_half=”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Dead Space 3″ developers=”Visceral” publishers=”EA” platforms=”PC, PS3, Xbox 360″ genres=”Survival horror” release_date=”8 February 2013″][/one_half]

Dead Space 3 developer Visceral Games has come under fire from PC users  for their game’s omission of HD textures and DirectX 11 support.

After rumours surfaced last week about the “bare bones” port, executive producer Steve Papoutsis spoke out today, saying, “We continue to evolve our games as we develop them, but we certainly don’t target PC as something that’s going to be significantly different.”

This comes after Dead Space 2‘s PC port was praised  for its graphical fidelity and visual tuning options. “We aren’t trying to create disparity in the experience that our gamers enjoy; we want to make sure everyone’s having that same experience,” he added.

The advanced anti-aliasing configuration and shadow rendering settings found in Dead Space 2 (which were really effective) are said to be notably absent from Isaac’s latest thriller romp, a move that is sure to deter many “hardcore” PC users and enthusiasts.

This isn’t Dead Space 3‘s only recent dance in the spotlight however, after reports surfaced that players could use microtransactions to buy in-game crafting materials to fulfill a gamer’s need for “instant gratification”.

I’d be gratified if I could configure a game’s visuals to suit my $2,000 PC, and not a generation of seven year old consoles…