Community Playdate: Halo 4 on 9 January

Community Playdate: Halo 4 on 9 January

9 January 2013

Hey folks! Community Playdates are the BEST, and we’re striving to have a ton throughout 2013.

Usually with more notice. Sorry in advance for this one, as we’re getting geared up to play Halo 4 tonight from 8pm AEDST.’s Steve, in conjunction with Arthur from and John from Sticky Trigger will be hosting the event, hitting the UNSC Infinity with all the fight they can muster… and you should definitely join in.

To make sure you’re included, hit up the following gamertags before 8pm tonight, and then use the Halo 4 menu’s “Roster” option to join up on a game or two. Or three.

See you on the Infinity, Spartans!

Got other ideas for future Community Playdates? Hit us up in the comments area, below.