Win a truck, future Halo appearance in the Halo 4 Inifinity Challenge


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PUBLISHER(S): Microsoft

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360


RELEASE DATE(S): 6 November 2012


Virgin Gaming, Xbox 360 and 343 Industries today announced a joint-partnership in the free-to-enter “Halo 4 Infinity Challenge,” an event taking place over Xbox LIVE from 17 December.

From today, Halo 4 gamers (in countries that have access to Xbox Live) can register for the challenge at The, from 17 December, the challenge will track your War Games stats on global leaderboards, plus the amount of Spartan Ops you've completed, each entering you in a contest with more than 2,800 prizes on offer.

The overall War Games leaderboard winner will take home the grand prize: a UNSC-themed, V8-powered 2013 Ford F-150 SVT Raptor truck (pictured above) designed by 343 Industries. The Spartan Ops winner will win an appearance in a future Halo game.

The challenge has a qualifier phase from 17 December to 10 January, givign hopefuls the chance to rise up global leaderboards. After that phase, players will be inserted into one of three tiered groups (depending on skill) and will enter the final phase, running from 12 - 19 January.

Players can also participate in Halo 4's Weekly Challenges for a chance to win more prizes.

Finally, a cool Xbox gaming opportunity that we can take advantage here in Australia! Who's entering?

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  • Hokess

    Wow sounds exciting!!!!!!!!

    • DFG

      What? being modeled into a future Halo release? Yes that is exciting.

      …the truck not so much, taxes aside (Uncle Sam will want a full third of the “one of a kind” customized truck’s value…in full no later than 04/15/2014.) the truck really isn’t anything special, if one were so inclined you could get a Halo theme paint job on any vehicle of your choice for far less than what the prize tax will cost you on this Raptor.

      Hell get a Jeep Wrangler (used or new doesn’t matter) in Commando green (the closest thing to a warthog on the market) put some white UNSC stencil text on it and put on some heavy duty off road tires…and you’re a MJOLNIR suit away from being the Master Chief