The unveiled cover art for BioShock Infinite has fans up in arms


Game Info

GAME NAME: Bioshock: Infinite

DEVELOPER(S): Irrational Games


PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360, PS3, PC


RELEASE DATE(S): 26 February 2013


The cover art for BioShock Infinite  has been revealed - as can be seen below - and fans are evidently not happy.

An entire Reddit thread has been devoted the the cover art and most of it is expressing disappointment and disapproval.

Having seen the art I can agree that it's a little bland and even generic but I'm not sure how much it truly matters when the case will be filed away with the rest on a shelf. The good stuff is what's on the disc.

Check out the art and leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

Is the cover art good or bad and does it really matter?

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  • Tariray

    but… but… fans love stubble and guns cocked at jaunty angles!!!

    i mean, he isn’t even looking at the audience, like some pensive, stubbled, gun cocking guy! It’s jaunty damnit!

    he can’t help it that he’s related to nathan drake/ezio auditore/new cute boy emo dante/a young solid snake/insert rugged stubbled pensive guy name.

    Look – we shouldn’t complain, they even included a lens flare ok? geez guyze, stop whining.