Steam’s ‘Big-Picture’ mode is live

Steam is expanding outside the PC and Mac boxes and moving into your lounge room with 'Big Picture' mode out of beta and now live. The new mode is controller-ready and is part of Valve's move to get PC gaming into the living room and a part of standard HD entertainment.

To mark the occasion, a week long sale is currently in progress for over thirty 'controller-friendly' games available on Steam. There are savings of up to 75% to be had on titles including Portal 2, Lego Batman 2, Left 4 Dead, Counter Strike: GO and Geometry Wars.

Big Picture mode is available on both Mac and PC and allows typing via gamepad and interface tweaks to suit TV outputs. A built in web browser is also included so as users aren't locked into Steam while using the mode on their TV.

Currently, over 40 titles boast full controller support while nearly 400 include partial support.

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Leo Stevenson
Leo Stevenson

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