Kratos had the blues before he saw red

Kratos had the blues before he saw red

Game Info

GAME NAME: God of War: Ascension

DEVELOPER(S): SCE Santa Monica



GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 14 March 2013

In a recent post from David Jaffe - director of God of War and Twisted Metal - he revealed that Kratos was not originally designed with his recognisable red stripe. Up until days before the game was revealed to the media, Kratos - as can be seen above - featured a blue stripe.

The change was made when a member of the team showed Jaffe an image of the barbarian from Diablo II.

Jaffe said "I had played Diablo 1 but never 2, and this was sure news to me as it was clearly to many/all others on the team, as this was the first time we'd heard of the character, let alone the similarity."

After a quick makeover, the Ghost of Sparta sported the red players are familiar with.  I couldn't imagine playing with Kratos the smurf, could you?

God of War: Ascension will be available exclusively for PS3 14 March 2013.

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