Halo 4 rewards early adopters with multiplayer Specialisation Codes


Game Info



PUBLISHER(S): Microsoft

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360


RELEASE DATE(S): 6 November 2012


Anyone who played Halo 4's multiplayer mode prior to 20 November has been rewarded as promised with a code to download six class-based specialisations previously only available to those who purchased the "Limited Edition".

The DLC "Specialisation Priority Alpha" provides additional armour and abilities and gives players 10 more ranks to climb up which become available once you've reached level 50.

If you hadn't played the multiplayer prior to 20 November, don't fret, two of the specialisations are available once you hit level 50. Better some than nothing right?

Anyone redeemed their codes yet and had a play with the new specialisations?

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