Celebrate the end of the world with the Steam Sale

Celebrate the end of the world with the Steam Sale

The Steam Holiday Sale has commended and is offering some crazily good deals. If you believe you'll wake up tomorrow you should head to the store and see what you can pick up.

Right now you can get;

  • Mirror's Edge for $2.49 USD;
  • Prince of Persia Complete Pack for $12.24 USD;
  • Scribblenauts Unlimited for $33.33 USD; and
  • Borderlands and Hitman games from between 50-70% off.

A selection of "flash sales" are running as well including Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition for $7.49 USD and Fable III for $25 USD.

The Indie Super Mega Pack is also available for $69.99 USD. It contains 30 games which have each been discounted up to 75%. Overall the bundle saves you $125 USD.

Make sure you check out these awesome deals and if the world doesn't end today you'll have a bunch of awesome games to play and if it does at least you had fun before you went.

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