Xbox SmartGlass is now available for Android devices

All you "Droid" users can rejoice as the next big thing in gaming connectivity js now available for you. Xbox SmartGlass, the app that lets you connect your device and Xbox 360 has been released.

So now you can, queue songs up in Dance Central 3, track achievements and edit your avatar from the comfort and convenience of your smart phone. Even more interaction with games and the Xbox 360 is planned for the future but with such amazing features already why would you need more?

An iOS version is reportedly in development and should be released in 2013, although the Android version was also due for a 2013 release so we may see the iOS app released sooner.

Ok so I was being a little bit of a "SmartGlass" when describing the features of the app. The proposed functionality is pretty cool and I can't wait for the iOS release.

Anybody have the SmartGlass app already?

[UPDATE] : For those looking to download the app it can be found here

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