Two new characters revealed for Guardians of Middle-earth

Two new characters revealed for Guardians of Middle-earth

31 October 2012

[one_half last=”no”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Guardians of Middle-earth” developers=”Monolith Productions” publishers=”Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment” platforms=”PlayStation Network, Xbox Live Arcade” genres=”Multiplayer Online Battle” release_date=”5 December 2012″][/one_half]

Earlier in the week, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment released a new “Battle Profile” gameplay video for the upcoming Guardians of Middle-earth.

Says WB, “the Battle Profile features the White Lady of Rohan, Eowyn, a true Shieldmaiden who fights to defend Middle-earth with her sword skills that rival any Rohirrim and Mozgog, an Orc who can stay in the fight long after others would have bled out. Every swing of Mozgog’s terrible sword may be the end of an enemy, since Orc warriors like Mozgog are by definition, treacherous and brutal enough to claw their way into a position of power.”

Guardians of Middle-earth is available in December 2012 via download from the Xbox Live Marketplace or PlayStation Network,  or as a retail disc on PS3 only.