Sleeping Dogs curls up and gets comfy on PSN

Sleeping Dogs curls up and gets comfy on PSN

18 October 2012

[one_half=”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”Sleeping Dogs” developers=”United Front Games, Square Enix London Studios” publishers=”Square Enix” platforms=”PC, PS3, Xbox 360, OnLive” genres=”Sandbox” release_date=”16 August 2012″][/one_half]

Sleeping Dogs, Square Enix’s open-world Hong Kong crime game, is now available as a digital download on the PlayStation Store in both Europe and Australasia.

The digital version  includes three of the DLC packs released thus far.

  • The “Retro Triad” pack, which decks you out in 80’s get up and gives you a Kung-Fu van to cruise the streets;
  • The “Red Envelope” pack, which places 20 red envelopes throughout the city, each one holding $50,000 HK; and
  • The “Street Racer” pack, which was only released this week and includes three new races on land and sea, Kamikaze, Cross Island Enduro and Harbor Run. Also included is a brand new Sting racing bike and a Dragon outfit.

The digital edition is available right now on the PlayStation Store and will cost you $89.95.

I am yet to pick up Sleeping Dogs and I’m a sucker for digital so excuse me while I quickly run to the store to pick up a few things.  Anyone else interested in a digital copy?