PSA: Don’t install DOOM 3 BFG Edition to your Xbox 360 hard drive


Game Info


DEVELOPER(S): id Software

PLATFORM(S): PC, Xbox 360, PS3


RELEASE DATE(S): 18 October 2012


You know how installing a game to your Xbox 360 hard drive usually improves performance? Well, not so for DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Installing Doom 3 BFG Edition to your Xbox will actually prevent access to DOOM and DOOM 2.

Bethesda is aware of the issue but says it's not a bug. "Doom 1 and 2 are the same games that are currently available on Xbox Live. Installing Doom BFG files to the system's hard drive could cause a conflict with the existing XBLA game files," confirmed a Bethesda spokesperson. "Players should not see a performance advantage by installing Doom 3, so we recommend not installing the game to the Xbox HDD."

"If people do install DOOM 3 BFG Edition to their hard drive, they should still be able to access both titles from the Xbox Live Dashboard under 'My Games'," the continued.

The more you know.

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