Pikmin 3 sprouting just in time for spring 2013


Game Info

GAME NAME: Pikmin 3


PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo


GENRE(S): Real Time Strategy

RELEASE DATE(S): Spring 2013 (Autumn 2013 Australia)


Pikmin 3 the long (and I mean long) awaited sequel in the Pikmin series is tentatively set for release in Spring 2013. The news comes via the latest "Iwata Asks" column, which focuses on the Wii U GamePad. Whilst the topic of discussion is not focused on Pikmin 3 the release window is mentioned in a note.

No other details regarding the title have been released. Be aware that the mention of Spring 2013 relates to the northern-hemisphere so we are assuming that an Australian release will occur in the Autumn months.

Look for Pikmin 3 between March and May next year.

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