Not so fast! Ace Attorney 5’s voice acting limited to catchphrases


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GAME NAME: Ace Attorney 5




GENRE(S): Adventure



Last week we brought the news that Ace Attorney 5 would feature full voice acting, a first for the series. It seems that we presented the wrong evidence to the court, lost some of our health bar, got scolded by the judge and now have the opportunity to try again.

The information regarding voice acting extracted from the "Nintendo Dream" interview apparently got lost in translation. Capcom-Unity manager Brett Elston corrected the information in a tweet saying that it wouldn't be fully voice acted but rather "Just those iconic key phrases!" that would be re-recorded to take advantage of the 3DS's audio prowess.

Sorry for the misinformation Steviants, we'll be sure to thoroughly check through the court report and our evidence before presenting a case next time.

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