Microsoft Points to begin to be phased out with Windows 8?

The sometimes controversial currency used for purchases across Microsoft's digital library, Microsoft Points, is being phased out with the introduction of Windows 8. Microsoft confirmed the change with Polygon, stating that the local currency will be the default payment option for purchases of Xbox content through Windows 8. The spokesperson also stated "Current Xbox Live customers may also make a purchase using points."

However, Microsoft also confirmed that Microsoft Points will remain the means to purchase content for the Xbox 360. Windows 8 users will be able to purchase Xbox video and music content with currency rather than Microsoft Points, however those without a Windows 8 machine will still be forced to buy packs of Microsoft Points.

While not confirming their end, it seems we may be getting closer to the total phasing out of Microsoft Points.

What do you think? Would you prefer to pay the actual value or do you like your points bundles?

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