Hold it! Ace Attorney 5 to feature voice acting

Hold it! Ace Attorney 5 to feature voice acting

24 October 2012

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In a recent Nintendo Dream interview, it has been revealed that Ace Attorney 5 will feature full voice acting, in a first for the series. Rather than the “Objection!” and “Take that!” etc that has been a staple of the games since their inception, Capcom have decided to included full voice acting in order to better have the game play and the anime cut-scenes work together.

Part of the reason why full voice acting was included in the title is the sound capabilities of the 3DS. Porting over the sounds from the DS titles would have been problematic due to issues with tuning and sound quality.

Ace Attorney 5 is slated for release in Japan in 2013 with no firm date listed for English-speaking regions. Expect it to be some time though as voice acting will only extend the localisation process.

Ace Attorney 5 is an office favorite here at Stevivor.com so we are patiently waiting until we can be lulled by Phoenix’s voice and transfixed by his magnificent hair.