Grand Theft Auto: Vice City brings the 80s to your pocket


Game Info

GAME NAME: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

DEVELOPER(S): Rockstar

PUBLISHER(S): Rockstar

PLATFORM(S): iOS, Android

GENRE(S): Sand-box, Crime Sim

RELEASE DATE(S): Spring 2012


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is celebrating 10 years of wheeling, dealing and stealing by bringing the sleeze, grime and fun of the 80's to iOS and Android devices later this year.

Following it's big brother's release on mobile devices, GTA: Vice City - like Grand Theft Auto III - will feature high res graphics and mobile specific enhancements. Additionally, the iOS and Android versions of the game will include brand new and never before seen assets and artwork. While a price nor release date has been announced, expect a price point around that of GTA III which went on sale for $4.99 initially.

With Vice City hitting mobile devices the likelihood that we will see a port of San Andreas has become more likely. Hopefully we can expect an announcement regarding San Andreas sooner rather than later.

Just as an added bonus, as part of the 10th anniversary celebrations, GTA III and Chinatown Wars are now on sale on iOS and Android for just 99 cents each.

What better time to pick them up?

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