Gamers play leaked copies of Halo 4 early, then get banned permanently

Microsoft is issuing permanent Xbox Live bans to individuals who've played Halo 4 early... well, and who were stupid enough to then connect their Xbox back to the internet. Microsoft has said that people who've played the game -- through piracy, or purchasing a game off the back of a truck -- are now being emailed about the ban, according to MCV.

The emails themselves say that each banned user has been "permanently suspended for illegitimate prerelease title play," and continues to say that "Xbox Live privileges will not be reinstated." This swing of the banhammer mirrors a similar one made by Microsoft regarding early access to Halo: Reach.

Speaking with Joystiq, Microsoft also confirmed that some users would be receiving both a ban on their gamertag and on their console, meaning they couldn't sign-up for a new gamertag on the particular Xbox used to play Halo 4.

This news comes after the story last week where Microsoft acknowledged reports last week that Halo 4 had been leaked onto the internet. Microsoft maintains that it is "working closely with its security teams and law enforcement to address the situation."

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  • Nick

    Brilliant article, besides the fact that how they obtained Halo 4, and broke street date, the other issue with people getting the game a matter of weeks early, it will give them a unfair advantage on the game when it comes around to the legimate street date, they will have alot more knowledge and understanding of the game.

    The same happened with Modern Warfare 3, By the time I got the game and played it which was only 30mins after the offical australian release there were already australians prestieged with more guns, map knowledge and overall skill, making the experience at sone stages regreatable.

    I’ve thogught about this numerous times and thought if they were so worried about the game breaking the street release date then whats stopping them from encyrpting the game or have ‘broken links’ in the main menu, then when it is released bring out an update which would fix the menu enabling people to play, with this method, players will still be able to play a few hours before release due to time zones, however it will stop things like this happening

  • EspionageMonkey

    honostly i think the “broken” date is deliberate it was the same with Halo 2 and 3 and yet look at how much press its getting :p