Dead Island: Riptide drags a new character into the action

Dead Island: Riptide drags a new character into the action

24 October 2012

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It has been announced that the sequel to Dead Island, Dead Island: Riptide, will include a fifth playable character. No details have been provided about the character as yet but this screenshot of the Dead Island website appears to show a male character.

The character was confirmed by Deep Silver creative director Sebastian Reichert who adds, that Riptide’s story would be much darker and would explore the idea of natural beauty in chaos.

“In Dead Island the beauty of the island was crated by man and the terror was created by zombies”, says Reichert. Rather than focus on beach resorts, hotels and the like the aim was different with the follow-up. Reichert continues, saying “This main design theme has changed. Palanai is an island full of natural beauty, for example, wonderful waterfalls, contrasted by natural destruction caused by storms, monsoons and rain. And of course the zombies.”

Riptide isn’t being billed as a sequel but, rather a spin-off that takes the game in a new direction.  The new boat and flooding systems have been introduced to differentiate the two games, as well as a newly included weapon tracking system which gives the player upgraded stats based upon preferred weapon usage.

The plot is said to be ‘darker’, whilst remaining true to the original’s bright and sunny atmosphere and setting. What exactly ‘darker’ means is up for debate at this point but look for more details soon. Finally Reichert has teased gamers saying “We are taking a very special step in this installment and we are looking forward to see how the fans react to it.”

Were you a fan of the original Dead Island? Are you excited for this non-sequel?