Dance Central 3 demo out now


Game Info

GAME NAME: Dance Central 3

DEVELOPER(S): Harmonix

PUBLISHER(S): Microsoft

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360 Kinect

GENRE(S): Dance

RELEASE DATE(S): 18 October 2012


Day job got you down? Are you tired of the lack of dance in your life? Do you desperately need to "bust-a-move"? Well the Xbox Live Marketplace has you covered. Available right now is the demo of Dance Central 3, Harmonix's latest entry in the franchise. A great example of Kinect done right and excellent party games, the demo shows off the new "Party Time" mode. Activated by high-fiving, you and your partner can, among other things, make up your own dance moves. Macarena anyone?

The demo includes J.Lo's "On The Floor", Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" and Nick Minaj's "Starships!".

Dance Central 3 will be available 18 October 2012 for Xbox 360.

Tell us your impressions of the demo down below.

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