Celebrate Halloween with The War Z
31 Oct 2012 Share

Celebrate Halloween with The War Z

[one_half=”yes”][gameinfo title=”Game Info” game_name=”The War Z” developers=”Hammerpoint Interactive” publishers=”Hammerpoint Interactive” platforms=”PC” genres=”FPS MMO” release_date=”Summer 2012″][/one_half]

The War Z – the other FPS Zombie based MMO – will be available for unrestricted access starting 31 October and to celebrate, developer Hammerpoint Interactive are introducing brand new content featuring;

  • New Characters – new playable character
  • New Zombies – new zombie models
  • New Playable Area – entirely new section of game world opened up, including new large cities – effectively doubling the current map size
  • Special Themed Items – players will have access to special, Halloween-themed items in the game marketplace

In addition, the “Legend” package will be made available again for a limited time only. The package will be available 4 November for $54.99 USD and will include;

  • Full Game Access
  • $30 of in-game currency
  • Six-months of “stronghold” server hosting
  • Special player recognition in-game and on forums

The “Legend” package and more can be purchased at The War Z website.

The War Z has been allowing public access to the Alpha for the last few weeks and executive producer Sergey Titov has said “We’re extremely happy with the way things are going and the players seem to understand the hurdles of the game being in Alpha and have been really supportive”. He adds that, “We will continue to listen to the feedback from our community and use it to add the features and content that will match their expectations and help us to make this game the best it can be”.

Leo Stevenson

Leo Stevenson

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