Mass Effect Trilogy bundle coming to Xbox 360 and PC, later for PS3 (but with ME1!)

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Mass Effect Trilogy



PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360, PS3, PC


RELEASE DATE(S): 6 November 2012


Hey, Sony fans -- you'll finally have a chance to experience (the slow pace of the) original Mass Effect.

The newly announced Mass Effect Trilogy will finally bring the original Mass Effect to the PS3 for the first time -- in the Trilogy itself of packaged as a standalone digital download from the PlayStation Network. A date for the digital download or the Trilogy on the PS3 is still unknown, but we do have other dates to advise you of, courtesy of BioWare and EA.

First up is the release date of the Mass Effect Trilogy on Xbox 360 and PC -- 6 November. A day later, EA has planned N7 Day, desscribed as a "worldwide celebration of the Mass Effect franchise."

As yet, there's also no word on whether or not Wii U fanboys will be seeing the title on that particular console, though Mass Effect 3 will be available for Wii U shortly afterward.

What do you think, gamers -- are you picking up this bundle, or is it a series of games you've already played and loved? PS3 gamers -- I'm assuming that digital download is at the top of your must-have list?

Thanks to @AaronDesveaux for the tip!

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