Help choose GamrCred’s new name and win!

Help choose GamrCred’s new name and win!

18 September 2012

We’ve been trying out GamrCred for a few weeks now, and really like the newest social gaming website on the block. So, it’s sad to hear they’re currently in court battles over their name.

Rather than keep up litigious proceedings, they’ve decided to change their name — and here’s where you come in. Welcome to the  “Gamr? Name Game”!

To participate, you’ll need to visit the link above and “choose one of the great robot heroes who represents your favored name to fight the ugly demon!” said GamrCred. The robot with the most votes gets the site renamed in his honour.

“You get one vote as a member of GamrCred,” they continue, “and at the end of next week, we will start the process of changing our name. 100 random folks will get the first 100 t-Shirts off the line with the new name.”

Sounds good, right? The game finishes in a couple mere hours, so vote soon!