Event report: FIFA 13 at Allianz Stadium, Sydney
26 Sep 2012 Share

Event report: FIFA 13 at Allianz Stadium, Sydney

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Never too far away from an opportunity to get my hands on EA Sports FIFA 13 title early, EA held a preview event down at Allianz Stadium showcasing the full code for FIFA 13.

Coupled with a waiter who would serve drinks and food to the guests, I must say this was a classy way to usher in what is definitely the best FIFA game to date. With way to many features to talk about which will be featured in the inevitable review of the game, I will say prepare yourself for a tough couple of days.

FIFA 13 plays completely different to what you are accustomed to in FIFA 12; first touch has been refined and is more unpredictable and now players will fight for the ball and react accordingly to how they are being pushed and shoved.

Perfected free kicks and tactical plays that you may have crafted in previous iterations may not work so well in the latest entry to the franchise due to player AI being drastically improved.

Many criticisms of earlier entries with defenders not marking players correctly and striker’s always running off-side have been met with action. From observing other players battling it out I noticed that strikers would actually stay behind their defenders only running past them when potential opportunities presented themselves.

It’s amazing what one year can do to a game that is constantly being developed and crafted towards perfection.

Setting the mode accordingly EA Australia had booked out the Trust Suite which over looked the gorgeous and lush green pitch with a mini soccer pitch complete with goals and balls too.

Before starting the festivities Garrett Reeder, EA Sports’ FIFA producer, was on hand to indulge us in a 20 minute presentation outlining the new features and changes in FIFA 13, and boy was there a lot to digest.

When all the information is crammed into one presentation you cannot help but sit there and be amazed at how much work and dedication this single studio has put into one game over the years. From offline to online, gameplay tweaks to settings, player formations and menu layouts, once again FIFA 13 feels like a completely new title continually evolving itself.

What followed next was a long and vigorous 4 hours sitting down battling it out for supremacy going up against the heavy of the Australian gaming media.

Nerves were showing and the sweat was definitely flowing.

Derby’s were in action left right and centre and the usual in game banter showed its true colors. The unpredictability of the game physics really make for a spectacle. New comers to the game and veterans were both having trouble breaking each others’ defense.

Most games that I had witnessed and participated in came to a close with scores such as 1-0, 2-2, 3-2 and so forth. There were a few farfetched scores but regardless of the player skill there a sense of realism in FIFA 13.

Time to time you’ll watch any match in the Barclay Premiere League team sitting at the bottom of the table beat a team currently sitting in the Top 3. It might be rare but it happens, FIFA 13 captures this essence perfectly.

Like I stated before regardless of skill, if you keep persistent in defense your opponent will eventually slip up and you can mount a counter attack to put yourself up 1 goal.

This works both ways how ever so never go in guns blazing with attackers up the other end leaving your defenders who aren’t as fast or nimble depending on the team you’ve chosen to do all the work.

Without spoiling too much of the fun, be sure to check out our review for a more in depth explanation of how all the new features within FIFA 13 work.

John Blake

John Blake